Action Photos. Here are some of the various events, trainings, networks, non-profits and groups that I’m a part of.

Podcast Interview. I spoke with Tracie Kelly in her Life Conversations Twilight Talk Radio station.

I run a Leadership and Business Ethics program in high school where the students attain leadership, communications, and social skills, while obtaining the confidence to reach their goals and to be successful in many aspects of life.  All of the projects listed below projects were created by the leadership students.

Milken Got Talent. Event held for 400 hundred people which raised about $13k that went to support four non-profit teen organizations.

Webinar. Conversation about Love and Relationships.

A Day In The Life of Rose Rios.A project that helped Rose Rios feed homeless in South Central, Los Angeles.  Because of this movie we were able to help Rose receive a donation of $10k and they bought her a van that she’s using to feed more people.  A student and I went to Compton to film that day and a few students and I edited the movie!

2012 South Central Holiday Toy Drive. Performed on behalf of Rose Rios.  Reached out to the community with the leadership class from Milken.  We gave away over 4,000 toys that were raised by the Milken High School Community.

2011 Christmas Toy Drive. Performed with leadership class from Milken.  We gave away over 2,500 toys that we raised through the Milken High community.